How to Achieve the Best Candle Experience

Soy Candles are a great alternative to Paraffin and other candles. We want you to have the best candle experience possible while burning your new ATHDecor Candles!

Here are some MUST-KNOWS for burning our soy candles. 

Remember that ALL SOY CANDLES must be allowed to burn until the optimal  wax pool is achieved every time you light it. This allows the candle to burn properly and prevents tunneling or spilling over the edge. In a container candle, this means letting your wax melt all the way to the edge of the container. In Pillar candles, this means the wax should be melted to about 1/4" to the edges to create a thin wall as the candle burns. This could take several hours for Pillars and larger container candles. Please only light your candle when it will be convenient for you to commit the time to stay in the area with the candle.

Always monitor your candle while burning and do not leave it unattended.

Environmental factors such as temperature and proximity to other heat sources,  humidity, and especially wind or drafts can cause uneven melting of the candle wax. Please ensure your candle is on a level surface and away from drafts to get the most even burn and for the longest burn time.

See below for more important tips for each type of candle.


-If you have purchased a wood wick candle that has any decorative toppings (i.e. whipped cream wax) please remove the decorative wax before lighting to prevent the flame from choking out.

-Trim the wick to between 1/8” and 1/4” before the initial lighting and clean away any char before each subsequant lighting.

-Light the wick all the way across, not just on one side, to create an even burn.

-If the flame dies out, simply relight. Wood wicks need to have a liquid medium to burn in to stay lit.  Once the surrounding wax is melted, the wick should stay lit and build in strength over time. Do not worry if the flame appears to be burning low from time to time, this is normal behavior for a wood wick.

-Let the wax pool reach the sides of the container before extinguishing flame to prevent tunneling. 

-Recommended burn time for each burn is 3-4 hours.

-When relighting your wood wick candle, it is very important to trim off any charred wick. Failing to do so can create difficulty keeping the wick lit.

-Do not move while burning and wax is hot.

-Keep out of reach of children and pets.

-Never leave a burning candle unattended

-Your wood wick candle is designed to self-extinguish when 3/8” of wax is remaining to prevent the bottom of the jar from overheating.


-Trim the wick to 1/4" before the initial burn and every time you relight your candle.                                                    

-Burn only on level, heat resistant surfaces.

-Keep out of drafts.

-Let the wax pool reach the sides of the container before extinguishing flame to prevent tunneling.  

-Burn no more than 3-4 hours at a time.

-Discontinue use when only 1/2" wax remains at bottom.

-Do not move while burning and wax is hot.

-Keep out of reach of children and pets

-Never leave a burning candle unattended.


Soy Pillar Candles behave differently than Pillar candles made with other types of wax. In optimal settings, Soy tends to burn more down than out. This will create a hurricane type effect. In Paraffin Candles, it is recommended to do the “hugging” method, or squeezing in the sides of the candle, to use up as much wax as possible. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED with Soy Pillar candles as squeezing the sides may cause cracks is the candle and possible wax spillage. To see the flame as your candle is burning down and to prevent the flame from getting too hot and causing the wax to spill over the edges, it is necessary to cut down the sides between burns after about the 2nd burn session. Trimming down the sides should be done after a burn session and when the wax is completely cooled. Do not attempt to do this while the candle is lit. Do not cut lower than the wick.

BEFORE YOU LIGHT THE WICK THE FIRST TIME: Be sure to trim the wick down to at least ¼” to prevent the flame from burning too hot. If you fail to do so, you may cause the candle wax to spill out the sides as it burns. Always check the wick each time you relight it to ensure it is trimmed to the proper size. The wick in your new candle is self-trimming, however environmental factors can affect this feature. 

The recommended burn time for our 3" pillar candles is about 3 hours per session, but environmental factors can play a huge role in the optimal burn times.  Please watch your candles and if you notice that the wax pool is getting close to 1/4" away from the edge,  please extinguish the flame and allow the candle to cool completely before relighting. This helps prevent spillage and trains your candle to burn downward rather than outward. 

It is also NOT recommended to burn your candles in an enclosed container or too close to any other pillar candles, as this will cause the candles to become overheated and potentially melt over the edges. If you choose to burn your candle in a container or nearby other candles, please keep a close eye on how they are behaving to avoid spillage.  

Also avoid any drafts from open windows, fans, or air ducts, as this can cause uneven burning. 

Always burn your candle on a wax safe surface in case of wax spillage!

If you have purchased a candle that is an irregular shape, or a candle where the top is smaller than the base, please take the time to watch your candle as it initially burns. After a few minutes, if you see that the wax is building up, pour the melted wax out in a heat safe container and discard. The candle should start burning downward after the flame reaches the widest part of the candle.

If you follow these instructions carefully, your new candle should burn cleanly and beautifully!

Thanks, Emily H. Owner- Around The Home Decor