Recycle your containers! Get Discounts for helping reduce waste!

Are you local to Aiken, SC?

Not sure what to do with all of the jars and containers from your used up candles? 

To help keep waste and costs down, we are happy to offer our customers a unique opportunity to recycle your old candle containers that you have bought from us!

Just return*  your old (still in good condition*) jars with our labels still attached and you will receive a $1-2* discount per container on your next purchase of any item on our store.

This offer does not apply to any plastic containers. This offer has no limit on how many times it can be used and does not expire!

Discounts will be issued via email with an attached discount code good for one use  after the containers have been received and inspected.

Or if paying in person, discount will automatically be deducted from your purchase price (if so desired).

We are also happy to offer this discount to any of our customers, local or not, however we can not pay shipping for the return of your containers.

If you would like to participate, I would suggest saving up your containers to send in enough at one time for the discount

to cover your shipping costs and still be able to reduce the price on your next order! 

*For information on how to return your containers locally, please contact me through the Contact Us tab.  

Any customers shipping used containers back to me please securely package them and Contact Us for our shipping address (also can be found on your invoice).

Be sure to include your contact information and email address in the package so that I can send you your Discount Code.

* Containers must be in like new condition when they arrive!

No cracks or breaks and must include both container and any lid that may have came with it. Do not worry about cleaning them, I will do that for you! 

*$1-2 discount will depend on the material and size of the container.  

For example, all tin containers and glass containers holding less than 16 oz. will receive a $1 discount coupon.