**  denotes fragrances that are safe and can be chosen for use in our skin care products.

▲   denotes fragrances that are compatible with the reed diffuser base and may be used in our reed diffusers 

^    Phthalate Free


**▲^  Amber Noir:  a sweet and sultry fusion of creamy vanilla and rich amber with undertones of sandalwood and musk.

▲ ^  Apple Harvest: Apple Harvest is a true, ripe apple fragrance combined with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice.

▲  Applejack and Peel:  An irresistible scent of apples and oranges blended together with the warm aromatic spices of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger.

▲^ Apricot: This fragrance begins with an apricot accord which is accented by a green banana note. The apricot accord is supported by a jasmine character and has a musk base note.


**^ Baby Powder: A true-to-name fragrance that contains white cedar, ylang ylang, cypress, and musk. It is a complex  fragrance that elicits a simple response - this smells just like Baby Powder!

Bacon: Bacon, Vanilla, and Birchwood Smoke. The real smoked pork comes out in this novelty scent. Great for the bacon lover! Strong  Scent throw!

▲ Banana Nut Bread: The mouth-watering aroma of oven fresh banana bread. This delicious combination of walnuts, ripe banana, vanilla, and a touch of spice is sure to spark your appetite.

**▲^ Beach Linen: Beach Linen truly captures the scent of clothes dried on a line in the beach breeze. It has an airiness that's incredibly fresh and is paired with the herbal, floral, and citrus notes of the best clean cotton.

▲^  Blackberry Sage:  combines the sweet and tart scent of blackberries and blends it with the spice and herbal tones of sage.This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Clover Leaf, Ginger, Lavender, Orange and Sage.

** ▲ ^ Black Sea:  Fill your space with the airy, balanced notes of our Black Sea fragrance oil. The sweet yet salty oceanic accords combine with an undercurrent of amber and vanilla. The fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including cardamom seed oil and clove leaf oil.

▲^ Black Cherry:  Sweet blend of rich vanilla and ripe cherries with a pinch of spicy clove.

**▲^ Black Currant Tea: A complex tincture of currant, white tea, and enchanting floral overtones.

**^ Black Raspberry Vanilla: The brightness of the ripe black raspberries is well balanced by a mellow and natural vanilla.

▲^ Blueberry Cheesecake: Inviting aroma of baked vanilla cheesecake and mouthwatering blueberries.

^ Blueberry Cobbler: Inviting aroma of baked vanilla and mouthwatering blueberries.

▲^ Brandied Pear: A sweet indulgence of ripe, juicy pear and cask aged brandy. A rare balance of natural freshness and mouthwatering sweetness that can be enjoyed in any season.

**^ Butt Naked: BEST SELLER A fresh sweet-green pear fragrance with hints of ripe-raspberry, cranberries, and a touch of pineapple for tartness, with a floral pear blossom middle notes and a soft white musk and woody-twig base-note.

▲^  Buttered Rum: smells just like the real thing - dark rum, butter, sugar and cloves.

 ** Buttercream:  A rich blend of fresh churned butter, sugar, and all natural vanilla bean. 


** ^ Cannoli: A fabulous decadent delight. A cannoli pastry shell filled with a scrumptious filling of rich vanilla cream, sweet vanilla cupcake batter, sugar, powdered sugar and hints of chocolate chips.  YUM! 

**▲^ Cake: Lots of buttery, creamy, and vanilla notes make our Cake Fragrance irresistible.

▲^ Candied Apple:  A strong and true version of a fall classic, our Candied Apple fragrance oil combines notes of crisp apples, a hint of cinnamon, and a base of caramelized sugar .

**^ Caramel Popcorn: Sweet and Salty, our Caramel Popcorn Fragrance Oil is true to the classic American confection. This fragrance has a  warm blend of buttery and sweet caramel with middle notes of popcorn, coconut, and candied pecan. This fragrance oil is infused with Mandarin natural essential oils.

**^ Caramelized Pralines: An irresistible blend of sweet warm vanilla caramel, dark brown sugar and butter-drenched pecans

**▲^ Caribbean Teakwood: Caribbean Teakwood is a masculine masterpiece. It is bold and complex - leading with a top note of leather, tobacco, amber and musk. The middle is a spicy mixture of black tea and pepper. The base note is aged teakwood with tones of patchouli and sandalwood. This fragrance oil is infused with cedarwood, patchouli, black pepper, and pimento berry essential oils.

**▲^ Chardonnay: The unmistakable bouquet of a premium white wine. A crisp blend of white grapes, berries and fruit.

**^  Chocolate Fudge: rich bittersweet chocolate, and a touch of cream, blend perfectly in our mouthwatering chocolate fudge.

▲^ Christmas Hearth:  A classic holiday fragrance that tells the story of a cozy holiday night spent sipping wine in front of the fireplace. Christmas Hearth combines orange spice notes from the kitchen, fir and pine notes from the Christmas tree, and an earthy smokiness from the fireplace. It's Christmas Eve, in a bottle, any time. This fragrance oil is infused with natural orange, cinnamon, and pine essential oils.

**▲^ Christmas Tree: Capture the magic of Christmas morning all season long with this delightful pine aroma. Subtle wood tones support classic spruce notes for a fragrance that is smooth yet strong. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Patchouli, Cedarwood, Fir Needle and Spearmint.

^ Cinnamon Buns: Warm cinnamon buns fresh baked and drizzled with vanilla icing. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Clove.

^Cinnamon Stick: Full Bodied Scent rich spicy cinnamon.

▲^ Cinnamon Chai: Our cinnamon chai captures the essence of this much loved, and centuries old beverage, with notes of black tea, cinnamon and sweet vanilla. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Cinnamon Leaf, Clove Bud, and Orange Oil.

**▲^ Citronella:  As a natural insect repellent, citronella candles are an effective way to keep pesky mosquitoes away from decks, campsites, and other outdoor areas. Infused with the oil of the citronella plant, this classic scent combines a top note of green citrus with a bottom note of fresh clean camphor. This fragrance oil is infused with natural citronella essential oil.

**▲^ Coconut Lime: The ultimate summer refresher - zesty lime and creamy coconut make this classic scent irresistible. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Lime.

**^ Cotton Candy: Just like fresh cotton candy from a country fair! With sugary strawberry and sweet vanilla notes.

**▲^ Cotton Tree: Our Cotton Tree combines classic cotton notes with floral and woody accords to create this distinct fragrance for candles and personal care.

Country Breakfast:  A unique combination of smoky bacon and maple syrup.

▲ Cranberry Marmalade: Our Cranberry Marmalade fragrance oil is a luscious blend of tart cranberries, spiced apples, and fresh California orange peel. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Cinnamon, Clove and Orange.

**^ Creme Brulee: A traditional base of vanilla custard with a hint of caramelized sugar.

** Cucumber Melon:  A fruity honeydew melon and green cucumber blended with tart apples and watery fresh greens.

**^ Cucumber Mint: True to its name, this refreshing fragrance combines herbal mint and fresh cut cucumber notes to create a relaxing fragrance well suited to a high end or aromatherapy line. This fragrance oil is infused with lemon, orange, peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, jasmine, and ylang ylang natural essential oils.


**▲^  Day At The Spa: Day at the Spa is a calming and balanced fragrance oil that combines notes of lemongrass and black currant with hints of  patchouli and sugar cane. It's a great year-round fragrance that fits well in an aromatherapy line. This fragrance oil is infused with natural  lemongrass, patchouli, and lime essential oils.

**^ Dragon's Blood: A year round favorite, Dragon's Blood is a potent and earthy fragrance infused with cedarwood, orange and patchouli essential oils. The scent combines sweet and spicy notes to form a sophisticated complex blend.

▲^ Drakkar:  If you're looking for a classic and seductive masculine fragrance, try our Drakkar (type) fragrance. The top begins with a fresh citrus, combined with herbal and woody notes for a perfectly balanced complex scent.

** Dreamsicle: (This Fragrance will be discontinued when stock runs out) Vibrant orange citrus and heartwarming vanilla blended together in a  sweet scented dream.


**▲^ Eucalyptus & Spearmint: An invigorating herbal blend of eucalyptus and spearmint with fresh citrus lemon, lavender flowers, and a hint of sage.


**▲^ Fiori Di Sicilia: An aldehydic estery green citrus bouquet with orange and lemon notes on a sweet vanilla background.

^ Fireside: We've finally captured the true essence of sitting by a cozy fire with our Fireside fragrance oil. Familiar and distinctive, this scent melds notes of smoke and wood into a warm union of clove, amber, sandalwood and patchouli. 

**Fresh Coffee: Dark, roasted coffee-bean fragrance with a touch of chocolate. 

**Fresh Cut Grass: Green leafy top, light floral middle on a mossy base, this fragrance smells incredibly like freshly cut Grass.


**▲^ Grape Vineyard: A blend of sweet grape and berry. This is a traditional grape scent.

**▲ Green Tea and Lemongrass:  This bright and natural smelling citrus begins with a top note of orange Valencia, bergamot tea and plum wine. The heart combines jasmine, violet, lavender and orange flowers. The dry down is a clean citrus musk. This fragrance oil is infused with   natural essential oils, including Jasmine.

**Gunpowder:  The sulphurous smell of explosive powder. This is a novelty scent and may not be exactly as you might expect it. 


^ Harvest Berry: Harvest Berry is an explosion of cinnamon blended with fresh cranberries and hints of ginger, anise and clove. Incredibly strong  in  both paraffin and soy wax, this fragrance has the strength and appeal to be a bestseller throughout the fall and holiday season. This fragrance  is infused with Cinnamon Leak, Ginger, and Amyris essential oils.

**▲ Hazelnut Coffee: A nostalgic hazelnut coffee blend.True to smell! Intoxicating Aroma.

**▲^ Himalayan Bamboo: A complex union of bamboo foliage and rich green florals. The subtle character of this fragrance is calming rather than overwhelming. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including bergamot.

  **▲^ Honeysuckle: Starts with a strong floral bouquet, adds hints of pear and cassis, and finishes with a sweet cotton candy note.



**▲^ Jamaica Me Crazy: Jamaica Me Crazy will transport you to the islands with its irresistible blend of coconut, pineapple, rum, tangerine, banana, and melon-y sweetness. It will work perfectly in any tropically themed candle or Personal Care product.

**▲^ Jolly Mistletoe (Merry Mistletoe Type): A blend of citrus, blue spruce, and frosted cranberries create this perfect holiday scent! This fragrance is infused with Fir, Peppermint, and Cedar Leaf essential oils.

** Jolly Rancher Apple: True to the candy smell! 



**▲^ Lavender: An enchanting meadow fringed with springs of lavender. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including  Lavender.

** Lavender Vanilla:  A well-balanced blend of herbal lavender and calming vanilla.

**^ Leather: Distinct, rich and sensual, our Leather fragrance oil embodies the warm and luxurious aroma of fine leather. This scent has a  classic and timeless characteristic that's perfect for any masculine line.

▲^ Lemon Pound Cake: The mouth-watering aroma of warm lemon pound cake! Our Lemon Pound Cake Fragrance oil combines fresh bakery notes of yellow pound cake with a sweet lemon glaze and a hint of warm vanilla. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Lemon and Clove.

 **▲^ Lemon Verbena:  Spunky lemon & floral verbena combines in this uplifting delight. The scent begins with tangy lime, grapefruit & lemon. The heart combines lavender, geranium rose & lemongrass. The dry is a soft woody musk.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Citronella, Lemon and Litsea.

**^ Lilac: A summer's lilac bush in full blooM

**▲Love Spell TYPE:  An instant classic - this fragrance is a luscious fusion of citrus, cherry blossom, hydrangea, apple and peach; with a hint of blonde-wood.


**▲^ Macintosh Apple: Sparkling Greens and juicy fruit tones accent this fresh picked apple fragrance. Hints of pineapple balance with fruit esters to create the luscious juicy tone that highlights the apple signature of this scent. With a base of clean musk. This is a nice clean crisp apple scent. 

**Mary Jane: This fragrance begins with a marijuana accord with a bergamot inflection. The main theme continues the marijuana accord with woody notes of cedar, patchouli and sandalwood. The base notes continue with this woody aspect with a musk character.

**Michigan Maple: Creamy-caramel and maple blend opening with a slight fruity nuance, leading to a heavy middle note of maple syrup and  milky caramel, and finishing with subtle hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.

**Midnight Toast: Key Lime, Meyer Lemon Soda, Grapefruit Tonic, Fresh Cranberry, Starfruit, Orange Pop. Pomegranate, Champagne Bubbles,  Strawberry.

**^ Mulled Cider: A sweet and spicy blend of Macintosh apples and orange slices.


**▲^ Nag Champa:  Nag Champa is an Indian fragrance popular in incense (for those of you who didn't come of age in the 60s and 70s). It has woody notes similar to patchouli, with touches of powder, musk, amber, and vanilla. If you haven't smelled it before, you have to try it. If you know it, we think you'll love this rendition. This fragrance oil is infused with patchouli and gurjun balsam essential oils.


▲^ Orange and Chili Pepper: Sassy, strong, and bold, Orange and Chili Pepper Fragrance Oil is a fusion of true orange with a spicy kick of chili pepper. This fragrance oil is infused with natural orange essential oil.

**▲^ Orange Blossom: A balanced blend of citrus and floral notes, our Orange Blossom fragrance oil is sweet, delicate, and fresh. A lush fragrance for spring or summer, Orange Blossom has top notes of petitgrain and bergamot, middle accords of neroli and jasmine, and undertones of musk and sandalwood. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including bergamot oil, and eucalyptus oil.


**^ Peach Nectar: The aroma of fresh peach blended perfectly with a hint of the tropics create this rich, sweet, sultry scent.

** Peppermint: The perfect Peppermint Scent.

**▲^ Peppermint Bark: Our Peppermint Bark fragrance oil combines the irresistible aroma of dark chocolate with mint essential oil to create a "true to life" scent of this much-loved winter candy. This fragrance is infused with Cornmint Oil, Cedarwood Oil, and Citronella essential oils.

**▲^ Peppermint Patty: the aroma of creamy peppermint and vanilla with a strong down of bittersweet chocolate.

**▲^ Pineapple Coconut : Brazilian pineapple, Hawaiian coconut, and a touch of mango create this delectable tropical fragrance. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Grapefruit. 

** Pina Colada: Creamy Coconut, Pineapple, Bergamot, Fruity-Berry, Sweet Vanilla.

**▲^ Pine Cone: Our Pine Cones fragrance oil captures the unmistakable scent of a fresh cut pine bough and pine cone wreath. Notes of  balsam and patchouli combine with natural spruce and cedar oils to instantly put you in a holiday frame of mind. This fragrance oil is infused with natural cedar wood, and spruce essential oils.

**▲^ Pink Magnolia Blossom: The exotic bouquet of our Pink Magnolia Blossom is naturally sweet and satisfyingly bold. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including orange and citronella.

 **▲^ Pipe Tobacco: Delicate yet complex describes the notes of pipe tobacco. Tobacco flower and violet with subtle nuances of an aldehydic accord enhances the fragrance intensity. The cognac accord is complimented with rich patchouli, cedarwood and creamy vanilla.

**▲^ Pistachio Macaroon: Top note Crushed Pistachio, Coconut Shavings, Sugar Crystals Mid note Cocoa Powder, Buttery Cookie, Maraschino Cherry. Dry Vanilla Extract, Amaretto Cream, Vanilla Ganache

▲^ Pumpkin Pie:  A true-to-life fragrance with notes of pumpkin, spices, and a touch of vanilla whipped cream. It throws great hot and cold, in soy. Pumpkin Pie isn't as sweet as our Pumpkin Soufflé, but it is incredibly strong and true. This fragrance oil is infused with natural cinnamon, clove, and ginger essential oils.



▲Rain Water:  The scent begins with a white floral bouquet of carnation, lily and crisp white grapefruit. The heart is a radiant blend of jasmine, tuberose, cyclamen and violet. The base combines vanilla beans, East Indian sandalwood, rose crystals and long lasting sexy musk- can also be called China Rain. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Grapefruit, Tuberose and Lemon.

Red Hot Cinnamon:  Bring back your favorite childhood memories with Red Hot Cinnamon Fragrance Oil. Like the popular candy, this old time favorite has a spicy kick and just the right amount of hot and sweet; truly a cinnamon lover's delight. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Cinnamon and Cinnamon Bark.

**▲^ Red Velvet Cake: delectable aroma of freshly baked red velvet cake.  This fragrance begins with top notes of dark chocolate, strawberry syrup, and red currant; followed by middle notes of cocoa powder, buttermilk, and sugar cane; while sitting on base notes of creamy sandalwood, Tonka bean, and vanilla extract.

**▲^ Romeo & Juliet TYPE: Like the tart and tangy sweet tart, cherry key lime sparkly grapefruit, champagne bubbly accord with lemons. In other words, a sparkling fruity fragrance.

**▲ Rose: A garden of red roses blooms from this artistically designed floral bouquet.


**▲^ Sex on the Beach: A playful rendition of the classic tropical mixed drink that blends fresh pineapple and orange with tart cranberries. Notes of vodka and peach schnapps give this fragrance it's "true to life" scent. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Orange.

Smoke and Odor Eliminator:  BEST SELLER Wipe out smoke and odors quickly and easily with this invigorating spice fragrance. It really works well!

▲^ Sugar Cookie: The sweet, sugary aroma of fresh baked cookies from the oven.

**^ Strawberry Shortcake: Notes of fresh strawberries, sweetened shortbread, and lots of whipped cream make this classic true to life and irresistible.

 **▲ Sweet Pea: Light and airy, this elegant fragrance captures the sweet and floral essence of an English Garden.

** Sweet Tea: Smells JUST like the real thing. Southern Sweet Tea Incarnate! This fragrance has a green tea top note with a citrus lemon & orange accent. The main theme of the fragrance is tea with honey and a jasmine accord.


**^ Tobacco & Leather: This is a unique blend of out Pipe Tobacco and Leather Fragrances. 



**^ Very Vanilla: Intense vanilla aroma, with a subtle touch of cream. 


**▲^ Watermelon: Too many watermelon fragrances are super-sweet and smell like kid's bubble gum. Ours has the traditional watermelon  notes, but the sweetness is less pronounced in wax, giving it a pleasing ripeness that smells more authentic.

**^ Whiskey: Though there are many different styles and origins, the essential aroma of whiskey is unmistakable. Also known as the "water of life," our Whiskey fragrance oil is an intoxicating blend of potent alcohol notes, rich oak and smoked peat. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including patchouli and birch tar oil.

**^Whiskey & Leather: A blend of our Whiskey and Leather Fragrances that combine to create a wonderfully masculine scent! 

**▲^ White Tea and Berries:  A tantalizing tincture of herbal tea and dew covered raspberries, blackberries, and elderberries. This fragrance oil contains natural essential oils including ylang ylang, litsea cubeba, mandarin and ginger.





        Aromatherapy Essential Oils!

        If you don't see your favorite fragrance on this list, feel free to ask me if it is available! I am always looking to expand my stocking and am eager to hear what you like the best!